Exodus Skimask Fingerboard Deck - Natural

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The Exodus Skimask Fingerboard deck featuring the genuine school photo of someone??, now available in 32mm, 33mm, and 34mm so you can choose the ideal size for you. 

  • 5 layer 100% Canadian Maple
  • Standard concave
  • 32mm W x 98mm L, 33mm W x 98mm L, 34mm W x 98mm L
  • Machine drilled holes for precise truck mounting 
  • 2 stained plays and clear coated for long lasting durability and pop
  • Engraved top logo
  • 1 Sheet of Standard foam grip included

3 Reviews

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    Great deck, but could be better.

    Posted by Zack on 4th Apr 2019

    The deck is actually a great deck, and the design is legendary. The grip tape that came with my deck was pretty fire too lol. I wasn’t aware at the time (this is my fault) that the concave is so small. Took some time but i adjusted. And the graphic itself wasn’t centered. When i put the rear truck on, it’s partially covering the design which is annoying, but a cool design never the less. 6/10 wood buy agan

  • 5
    Really clean deck has variety of widths to choose from, great feel and nice pop while riding and very nice to look at. I would love to see a 34.5mm or 35mm width and higher kicks on one of your decks.

    Posted by Tommy Moreland on 27th Mar 2019

    I would love to be sponsored or have a hookup to test your parts and review. I really enjoy riding your decks thanks

  • 4
    Nice clean deck variety of wideths to Choose from. Cheap price for a clean deck, nice pop. What I would love to see is a 34.5mm or 35mm width and different shapes

    Posted by Tommy Moreland on 26th Mar 2019

    I’d love to test your products for free.