Exodus Anoixi Bird Skateboard Deck - Orange

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  • Black perforated Exodus Ride Shop Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Mob Skateboard Grip
  • Jessup Griptape
  • Blank Grizzly Grip Skateboard Griptape
  • Black/Blue Exodus Monogram Skateboard Griptape
  • Classic Exodus Monogram Skateboard Griptape
  • Black/White Exodus Monogram Skateboard Griptape
  • Thrasher Flame Grip tape
  • Regular Grizzly Grip Cut Out
  • Independent Primary Sheet Mob Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Mini Logo Wide Grip Tape
  • Happy Hour Spray Stencil Shake Junt Skateboard Grip Tape
  • T-Funk Signature Shake Junt Spray Stencil Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Jamie Foy Signature Shake Junt Spray Stencil Skateboard Grip tape
  • Clear Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Spitfire Inferno Fire Skateboard Grip Tape

Exodus Anoixi Bird skateboard deck, 7 layers of hard US maple. This shop deck features a Standard Shape with a round nose and tail, not too narrow and not too blunt.

  • 7 Ply 100% High Quality USA Maple
  • Assorted Stained Top, Middle, Bottom Plys